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Our Shipping Process (In-House)

All of our shipping is handled in house but is treated as a separate transaction. 

We use a product called Shipping Saint that integrates with our auction software to provide a more streamlined shipping process.


Things to know about shipping:

  • NOT ALL THINGS SHIP!  Please check that the item description does not say "LOCAL PICK UP ONLY - ITEM DOES NOT SHIP".  These are items deemed too heavy, large, breakable, already have damage, have too many items, or are too costly to pack/ship. If you have questions about an item specified as a Local Pick Up Only please contact our office.

  • This is not an Amazon Prime transaction.  Our goal is to provide you quality shipping at reasonable and fair rates, but shipping is not free. We will choose the most efficient / cost effective carrier between USPS and UPS for your package(s). 

  • Specifying You want to Ship:  Shortly after the auction you'll receive an email with your auction invoice. Following that, you'll receive an email and text (if phone on file is mobile) asking if you want to pick up your items or have them shipped. Once you select ship, your items are placed in queue for shipping.  Shipping typically isn't processed until the local pick ups are  completed (1-2 days after the auction).  

  • We first charge your card on file for your auction purchases (NOT SHIPPING). Assuming the payment is successful, your items are released for shipping - Shipping is a separate transaction.


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Frequently Asked Auction Questions


Each step of the shipping process includes an email and text (if you registered with a mobile number) to keep you informed. Shipping is a separate transaction with separate payment required. 



  1. Our shipping team will pack your items and the most cost effective carrier (USPS or UPS) for your package size is selected. 

  2. Reasonable charges for packaging and handling are applied.

  3. You will receive an email/text to verify your address and pay for shipping. It is VERY IMPORTANT to verify your address (we are not responsible for deliveries made to an incorrect address if you confirm it). Note that we do not run your card for this payment. You can make payment for shipping via your phone from the text, your computer from the email, or if you prefer you can call our office to make the payment for you. To ensure timely delivery, please make this payment as soon as possible. 

  4. Once payment is made for your shipping, your shipping label is generated and you receive an additional email/text with your tracking number.

  5. Your package(s) are then delivered to or picked up by the carrier,  USPS typically that day, UPS every 3rd day.

  6. You can monitor your package with the tracking number.  A final delivery text / email will be sent when the status of your shipment goes to delivered. 


  • Cost?
    We charge a $5.00 handling fee, plus the cost for packaging materials, plus the cost for shipping and insurance. 
    This is our base rate for standard/basic ships. 
    Note that Additional hourly rate packing charges apply for larger orders or complex items that require significant packing time.

  • You are required to make timely payment for shipping - Please make payment for shipping as soon as possible so that we can get your items out to you. Our expectation is that we clear and ship all shipping for the auction in 3 to 5 days. Failure to respond to shipping payment requests within 14 days will result in the forfeiture of your items. 

  • All items are shipped with tracking and insurance - no exceptions.

  • When Will I Get My Item(s)?
    Our shipping starts after the local pick up sessions conclude.  You can expect to be notified regarding shipping by the 3rd day after the auction closes.  We typically process and ship between 75 and 100 buyers. Depending on when your shipment is processed and time to connect with you for address verification and payment, you can expect it to take between 4 days to
    10 days from the date of auction to get your items.  

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