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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that we've been asked several times and the answers to them?

If you have a question not answered here please feel free to send us an email (below) or give us a call. 

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  • Can I pick up at a later date?
    Unfortunately we do not allow alternate pick ups. If you are not planning on shipping and cannot make the scheduled pick up times or have someone pick up for you, we thank you for your interest, but ask that you do not bid. - We do not have regular office hours as we're often on location at the next auction. If we are at our facility, new items to sell are moving in immediately. Our experience with allowing this has not been positive, and to be consistent and fair with all of our buyers this isn't an option we offer.
  • How soon will I get my item(s)?
    If you watch for our emails/texts to make payment for your shipping. We usually clear all shipping within 3-5 days of the close of auction. We usually have between 75 and 100 buyers to ship for. We work through these as fast as possible. You can help this process by expecting our shipping emails/texts and responding to them quickly. - In general - depending on when you're processed you can expect it to take between 5 - 10 days to get your items.
  • Why does it say "Local Pick Up Only - Item Does Not Ship" by some items that seem shippable?"
    Items are marked "Local Pick Up Only" for several reasons They are too large, too delicate, too heavy, or too costly to ship. They cost to ship outweighs the value - based on our years of experience, we know when items will be expensive to ship based on size, weight, packing requirements, etc. We are basically getting ahead of the complaint that "it cost much more to ship than I paid for the item"... Lastly it isn't cost effective for us to ship some items - We prep each item for transport by the shipper. To pay our staff to do significant wrapping/packaging for lots that sell for a couple dollars and charge the buyer that cost isn't cost effective or good for our buyers.
  • How do I bid?
    The first step is to register on our bidding platform (BidWrangler). This is similar to most online accounts. You'll be asked for your name and email, and a password, then your address, phone, and will need to enter a valid credit card. Click here for details on registering for our auctions The next step is to go through the catalog and place your bids, you can bid the next increment, or place a maximum bid and the system will bid for you (increasing your bid only when it is pushed by another bid). We encourage you to get familiar with the bidding interface prior to when the auction closes - log in, place some small bids, watch some items, etc.
  • How do I create an account to bid?
    You'll need to register for an auction and created an account in our bidding platform (BidWrangler). This is similar to most online accounts. You'll be asked for your name, email, and to create a password, then your address, phone, and you will need to enter a valid credit card. Click here for details on registering for a bidder account
  • What amount does the bid start at?
    Our typical starting bid for personal property or commercial auctions is $1. Real Estate Auctions will have a modest starting bid.
  • Can I just put in my max bid - how does that work?
    Absolutely - simply click on the carat "little down arrow next to the bid button" By placing your maximum bid, the system will automatically place bids for you. This will increase your bid only if your original bid is out bid by another bidder. This speeds up the auction process, and assists you with your bidding. The system will bid for you up to your maximum, once exceeded you would have to reenter the bidding or update your bid to purchase the item. You can even edit or change your max bid if you like - However you may not delete it or reduce it past the current top bid.
  • Can I cancel my bid if I change my mind?
    If you've placed a max bid, you can edit and reduce that yourself - however you can not eliminate the bid by lowering it past the current high bid (which is probably yours in this case) Bids typically cannot be cancelled once they have been placed. By placing a bid you are entering into a binding contract. There are no refunds or bid cancellations. Retractions set off a chain reaction that confuses sellers, back up bidders, and/or other potential bidders for that item. The registered bidder is personally responsible, legally and financially, for all auction items bid upon, whether representing one’s self or acting as an agent. For this reason, please be sure before you place your bid - An online bid is a legal and binding contract to purchase. We DO NOT adjust bids for the last 48 hours of the auction (No Exceptions). If you have erroneously entered a bid with a week or so to go in the auction you may contact our office and we can possibly adjust the bid.
  • Do you use a Soft Close or Extended Bidding?
    Yes Extended bidding or "Soft Close" also known as an "anti-sniping" feature, allows for items to be extended past the defined item close time if there are active bidders still placing bids. Our default setting is 2 minutes if a bid occurs within the last two minutes. This will continue until there are no additional bids placed for two minutes. Almost all online auctions use some form of extending bidding.
  • I bid on several things but I only got one item for $1.00, it's not worth shipping or pick up for that - what can I do?"
    As the successful bidder you do own the item and are required to pay for it. However, we are very aware that this can happen. If you contact us before the local pick ups start we can put your item out and often resell it to someone picking up locally. If that happens, we simply reassign your amount due to the new buyer. If there is no interest in the item, we simply run your card for payment and discard it. - Please note that we much prefer this option instead of no response - if you have no intention of receiving it.
  • Are there any reserves?
    Typically we do not use reserves unless it is a very high value item (cars, boats, etc). Even then we try to limit their use as we believe strongly in the auction method to deliver fair market value. However there are some situations where our sellers feel more comfortable with a reserve - in the rare event that we do implement a reserve, it is clearly listed in the auction catalog. - Real Estate is slightly different as our Real Estate Auctions are usually seller confirmation required (meaning the high bid is presented to the seller to be accepted or declined).
  • Can I inspect the items prior to bidding?
    Absolutely - we usually offer two several hour preview sessions so you can come and look at the items in person. These are always listed in our auction details and item #3 of our catalog. We're happy to answer any questions you have on the items or the process and We usually even have cookies!
  • Why do you need my credit card information?
    Our registration process requires a valid credit card to register - this insures that you are a real (not a robot) buyer with funds and intent to purchase. At registration this card is authorized for $1 by placing and then removing a charge to your card. If you pick up locally, you can pay in person at our location (never using your card). In the event that you are a winning bidder and are not picking up locally, we will charge your purchased items to the credit card you registered with. The BidWrangler bidding platform uses the most sophisticated encryption software commercially available to protect buyer information and keep your data secure.
  • What happens to the stuff that doesn't sell?
    It is very unusual to have items that do not sell at auction as we screen items that in our opinion have no value. Occasionally there is an item or two - these are either offerred for a small dollar amount at the local pick ups, returned to the estate, or discarded.
  • Are your auction results published?
    Our auctions are available for review for approximately one year, after which they are archived. You can see them in date order from our past auctions link(s).


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Frequently asked auction questions
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