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Payment For Your Items

You'll receive an email from (not proxibid) with an attached invoice and your amount due within 60 minutes of close of the auction.

As we accept payment at the local pick ups, we do not run your card immediately. 

If you are picking up at one of the local pick up sessions, you pay at that time. Payment options are Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Local Check (up to $500), and Cash. There is a 3% discount for cash (local pick up only). All taxes, cash discounts, resale #'s are adjusted at that time.  Out of state buyers pay Wisconsin Sales Tax without a resale number.

Credit Cards Accepted

If we haven't received an email from you that your are picking up by the end of the first pick up session, we assume you are having your items shipped.  We then utilize Proxibids Auction Payment Network (APN) to process the card you have on file with Proxibid.  Once processed, we send a second email with a paid receipt attached.  Your items are then prepped for the shipper who handles your shipping as an independent transaction


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Frequently Asked Auction Questions

What can I do to make sure there are no problems with my payment?

  • Please make sure the credit card that you have on file with proxibid is current, has sufficient funds, and is the only card on file.  The Auction Payment Network will only see what it considers the Primary card, we cannot access additional cards.​  Please do this before bidding

Can I make payment with a different credit card?

  • You can make payment from our website with any credit card using the Pay Online options in the menu or footer of each page.  You'll need to enter the amount due from your invoice. We'll then be notified that you've made an alternate payment and Will NOT process your card on Proxibid.  If choosing this option, please make payment before 5:00 the day following the auction to avoid us also charging your Proxibid card.

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