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Bidding Registration Process

Our registration process is pretty simple and has five quick steps:

Sign Up, Acknowledge the terms of the bidding platform (BidWrangler), Fill out your basic demographic info, Acknowledge our auction terms, Enter and verify your credit card and you're good to go. It typically only takes a couple minutes. If you have any problems, we're here to help.

Step One - Sign Up
Select Register to bid on any auction item

Enter your name, email, and password.  


Step Two - Agree to the Bidding Platform Terms. 
These are the terms of the BidWrangler Technology, including the bidding platform and mobile app if you choose to use it.  Agreement is required.

Step Three - Fill out your registration information

Simply enter your name, address, phone and proceed.


Step Four - Agree to Our Auction Terms

Agreement of the terms is required. 


Please read through them as they cover everything from Preview and Pick Up to Payment and Shipping. 


Step Five - Enter and Verify your credit card

Please enter a card that you will use for payment. This is the card that will be charged if you are not paying at pick up. Or on occasion if you purchase at one of our remote auctions where we run all payments prior to pick up


This process performs a $1 authorization. This may appear as a charge and then a void, Or not appear at all on your statement.  WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU TO REGISTER. 

Once you click Register and your card is verified - You are good to go.

Just a reminder - we always have at least one preview should you want to see the items in person, or ask us questions when the items are in front of us. 

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