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What's with the name Baileys Honor??

Sold to the Lady in the Green Hat by Emma Bailey

About twenty five years ago, after auction school and the pending start up of a small auction company - a name was needed.  Carol had recently graduated from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City Iowa. With very few women at the large class and very few in the industry at the time, she looked to Women that had went before her.  Emma Bailey was known to be the first woman auctioneer in America and also the author of "Sold to the Lady in the Green Hat".  

She chose to name her business after Emma Bailey - thus Baileys Honor was founded.  At her first auction her mother in law attended with a large green hat and bought the first item sold! and that day it was actually said - "Sold to the lady in the green hat".

Here we are 25 years later with over 1000 auctions behind us, a thriving auction business, and a job that we still love doing - We hope we have made Emma happy. 

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