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Our Shipping via The UPS Store

All of our shipping is handled by The UPS Store on Mequon Road in Germantown  Wisconsin. 


This is a separate transaction between the buyer and The UPS Store. 

Photo of The UPS Store

Things to know about shipping:

  • We (Baileys Honor) do not ship - we prep the items for The UPS Store, who picks them up on location.  We provide your invoice information to them to contact you and arrange shipping and payment for shipping as agreed by you.

  • We WILL NOT make exceptions for your shipping - we ship several times a month to hundreds of buyers all over the world.  To understand why we don't make exceptions, try not to think of it as shipping just one small item that you purchased, but an entire household that we sold. 

  • All items are shipped with tracking and insurance - no exceptions.

  • The UPS Store has been handling our shipping for over 4 years.  We typically receive very few complaints with the process.  They will work with you to ship the items as efficiently and economically as possible.  The emphasis however, will be their safe, undamaged arrival over cost. 

  • This is not an Amazon Prime transaction.  The items we sell are not new, they do not have packages, they are not returnable, they often require custom packing to protect them, and they require someone to transport/pick them up prior to shipping. 

  • NOT ALL THINGS SHIP!  Please check that the item description does not say "LOCAL PICK UP ONLY - ITEM DOES NOT SHIP".  These are items deemed too heavy, large, breakable, already have damage, have too many items, or are too costly to prep or ship. If you have questions about an item specified as a Local Pick Up Only please contact our office.

  • You are required to respond to the UPS Store and take care of your shipping within 14 days.  Items left at the UPS Store longer than 30 days are forfeited.

  • When Will I Get My Item(s)?
    The UPS Store picks up following the local pick ups - typically 2 days after the auction closes.  They usually have between 75 and 125 buyers to ship for. They work through these as fast as they can. Depending on when your processed you can expect it to take between 3 days to 2 weeks to get your items.  


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