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New Bidding Platform Changes

As of September 2023 - We have changed our back end bidding platform from Proxibid to BidWrangler. Listed below are some key takeaways about the change and answers to some questions you may have.

Why are we changing?
Our business model and Proxibid’s future direction simply don’t match as well as we would like.  We believe the change we’re making will allow us to provide a more personalized and supportive model for our customers while allowing us to make the choices we prefer for our business going forward. 



What does it mean for you?
In general - the bidding platform has a slightly different look and feel. A few items may be missing or different, but some items you may like more.  If you have participated in other auctions in Southeastern Wisconsin, you may already be familiar with our new bidding platform. 

Some Specific Changes are listed below:

  • You will need to register on our new platform, with user credentials that will be specific to Baileys Honor Auctions.  For Specific Details on the Registration Process - See Our Registration Info Page.

  • If you have a problem you will deal with us directly. We don’t think you will – but If you do have a problem with your registration or bidding during the auction you’ll be contacting us directly.

  • You’ll have the option to use our Baileys Honor App that will provide you additional features and functionality for mobile use. - For Details - See Our Get The App Page. 

  • Our buyers premium will be reduced slightly as we pass our savings down to you. We’ll be going to a flat 12% buyers premium with a 2.9% credit card convenience fee (in essence about a 3% reduction overall).

  • The soft close (also known as extended bidding) displays a little different in that the extended lots stay in their position so as they extend they will remain on top until they close as compared to dropping down 2 minutes in the auction.

  • There is no "Go To Lot" dialog box, you can simply type the desired lot# into the search. If you are using the mobile app, for outbid notices it will take you directly to the lot.

  • There are no pages to pick, or refresh. On the desktop there is a scroller bar on the bottom of the screen to drag to the position in the auction of interest – Note that this is a dynamic/relative position – for example if you drag to position 100 at the beginning of the auction it would be lot 100, but as items close the relative position of 100 may be lot 330.. On the mobile app or mobile bidding without the app you can scroll with the side bar.

  • We’ll be using categories frequently to easily find groups of items for certain collectors, ie. Jewelry, Watches, Tiffany, Trains, Toys, Art, etc…  This would replace the group searches we used to build into our proxibid catalogs.

What Will Stay The Same:

  • Our web site will continue to have all our auction details

  • Our email notifications will remain the same informing you about our auctions

  • Our preview and pick up options will remain the same

  • Our shipping practices will remain the same

  • Our sales tax policy - As a small business we will continue to be able to utilize the state sales tax nexus amounts and for most states, if you are out of state and shipping, you will not be charged  sales tax. 

As always we remain committed to providing you with a fair, fun, honest, high quality auction experience!

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